Today the world is facing a huge problem – Plastic Waste. Plastic bags are being used all over the world, but where do they all end up? We consume approximately 10,000 plastic bags per second worldwide and up to 80 % of them end up as plastic waste polluting our environment.

Normal plastics degrade very, very slowly and as it was invented less than 100 years ago, we still do not know how long it might take to totally break down: possibly hundreds of years. That means that standard plastic packaging application or bags take up space in precious landfill sites.

Our recommended solution to this problem is – AddiFlex®. We mimic nature by using the environmental forces of heat, oxygen, and sunlight to cause degradation leading to biodegradation.

Addiflex® is a visionary, easy to use and safe solution for the problem of plastic waste. It is an eco-intelligent system of additives and composites and there are both economic and ecological effects of adding Addiflex® to plastics.

Over the years of developing and improving Addiflex® we have done lots of test and research. We are proud to have worked with top of the line partners when doing these tests, partners like RISE and CNEP.

Our main objective has always been and will continue to be that a serious product needs serious testing. We strive to work with the best when it comes to testing our material, both on its own but also of course together with our customer’s material in order to find the right composition for their needs.

Since end of 2012 it has been mandatory in the UAE for producers of plastic bags to use oxo-biodegradable additives in their production. Another list of 25 items is being added for 2014 which will translate into a bigger market size for these additives.

Add-X Biotech with POLYTEC manufactures in the region with a strategically superior position to cater to the needs of the customers and provide suitable products with prompt delivery.

We are also proud of that the Addiflex® is approved by :

  • Certified by ESMA according to UAE.S 5009:2009/ASTMD6954:2009 standard
  • Certified by Saudi Standard, Metrology and Quality Org as per SASO 2879/2016 Degradable Plastic Products.
  • FDA (Keller and Heckman LLP).