Color Masterbatch

Colorants are used to prepare color masterbatch that gives different shade as per required color and application.

We have developed over 10,000 color shades to meet customer requirements. POLYTEC have state-of-the-art facilities in our color matching laboratory, which enables us to develop colors as per the choice of our customers.

Our R&D have vast experience in various regulatory standards like ROHS, REACH, FDA, etc. POLYTEC offer wide range of color with carrier specific and universal grade for custom and single pigment concentrated masterbatch up to 50% organic and 80%  inorganic based pigments PE, PP, GPPS, SAN, ABS, PC, PMMA, PET, PBT &POLYAMIDE (Nylon)with good dispersion, heat and light fastness resistance suitable for wide range of application.

POLYTEC offers a wide range of Color masterbatch ranging from light to dark colors, transparent to opaque colors and normal to specialty (Metallic/Pearl and marble) colors depending on customer’s requirements on color shades, color strength, product specifications, processes and applications.

We are committed to helping our customers design unique products to accompany them on the road to success.


Specialty color masterbatch is manufactured using metallic (gold & silver), pearlescent, fluorescent, photochromic, phosphorescent, glitter, marbles, granite and fibre with other organic and inorganic pigments to modify various properties of the base plastic or plastic polymers.

There are some special additives for counterfeiting to protect your brand. Thermochromics & Photochromic provides striking color change effect with temperature and light.


Mono-concentrates or Single Pigment Concentrates (SPC) consist of only one coloring agent in PE, PP, PET/PBT & Polyamides are used as substrates. Customers use this masterbatch to make tailor or custom color as per their requirement.PTMB offer wide range of custom and single pigment concentrated masterbatch with up to 50% organic & 80% inorganic based pigments in PE, PP & Engineering polymer with good dispersion, heat and light fastness resistance for fiber application.